GSI/FAIR Lodging (Guest Office) -  Online Reservation

The GSI guesthouses are not open to the general public.

Access is restricted to people connected to GSI activities.

A reservation cannot be made before clarifying the reason of the projected stay.

The duration of stay onsite is limited.


The rooms in our guesthouse are intended for the beam-time users and in case of a request they have priority.

If there are still guest rooms left, they are of course also available for other guests of the GSI/FAIR.



PHELIX beamtime plan (week view)

Beamtime at GSI


Rates for guest accommodation are:

Guesthouse 45 €/night (10 €/night upcharge for second person).

Steinhaus 35 €/night (10 €/night upcharge for second person).

GSI/FAIR offers rooms in the following two lodging facilities

Guesthouse (28 single rooms):

Intended for beam-time users (they have priority).

Rooms with private bath and phone; location: GSI/FAIR campus.

Price: 45 €/night (10 €/night upcharge for second person).

Busstop for bus to Darmstadt: 15 min walking distance; train station Wixhausen: 30 min; shopping area Wixhausen: 25 min.

Information map campus

Steinhaus (17 single rooms and 13 double rooms):

Intended also for long-term stays up to max. 6 month.

Single and double rooms most of them with shower; location: Messeler-Park-Strasse 121 (15 min walking distance to GSI). 

Price: 35 €/night (10 €/night upcharge for second person).

Busstop for bus to Darmstadt: 2 min; train station Wixhausen: 15 min; shopping area Wixhausen: 10 min.

Information map: How to get to Steinhaus

Further Information

General Information

  • Picking up/ returning keys: during opening hours you can pick up or bring back the room keys to the Welcome Office. When we are not around, please drop or pick up the keys at the main gate.
  • Corona: We recommend all guests with symptoms to test themselves regularly. In case the test is positiv.
  • For taxi bookings (self paid, on availability, during opening hours, and well in advance), we need:
    • departure place and time
    • destination
    • name and number of people
    • mobile phone number
  • Link to canteen
  • Information map campus
  • How to receive parcels:
    If you need to reiceive a parcel, the best way will be to use the "Deutsche Post".
    Looking for the nearest post office use this link.
    DHL offers (after registration) a pack station service. With Packstation, you can receive and send parcels independently of opening times. Find more information here.

Hausregeln / Houserules

Please make sure you read the houserules to be informed about what is expected.

Lost and Found

If you lost something during your stay in the Guest houses please fill the form for the Lost&Found notice here: “Lost&Found

Please send the filled form to: guest-office @

Found items will be stored 12 months.

Please note that found items cannot be sent by mail.


On request (24 hours before travel) the Welcome Office books taxis for guests staying in the guest- or steinhouse and need to get to the Airport Frankfurt am Main.

Payment mode: cash (€)

Please send the following information to welcome-office(at)

  1. Name
  2. mobilephone number
  3. (Flightnumber)
  4. Date and time
  5. Pick up point

Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung (housing provider confirmation)

If you stay in the Steinhaus or Guesthouse and you need a "Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung" for the foreigner's registration office please contact the guest-office(at)