Health and Liability Insurance

GSI/FAIR is obligated to ensure that all guests (with guest agreements) are properly insured.

General information on Health Insurance

Your health insurance should meet the following requirements:

  1. Is valid in Germany during the time of your stay
  2. Covers unlimited costs for necessary medical treatment. When you have a SchengenVisa the limit of 30K is sufficient
  3. The certificate should be issued in an international format (such that we can understand whom, is insured when for what)
  4. The certificate should be issued no longer than 6 months ago

If your insurance does not meet all those requirements you will have to take out an additional health insurance.

EHIC European Health Insurance

Health Insurance in Germany – The German Healthcare System: Health Insurance for Travellers & Expats in Germany


Feather: Geman insurance made simple (includes public, private and expat health programs)

BDAE: Your expert for international insurance covers and global assignments

General information on Liability Insurance

If you don`t have a liability insurance covering Germany during the period of your stay, we highly recommend taking one. Here is explained why.

There are many companies offering private liability insurances.

    GSI Group Insurances

    GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH offers a collective insurance for health and liability for all non Germans with a Guest Agreement or GSI Scholarship:

    Link to information on GSI Group Heatlh Insurance (Continentale a.G)

    Link to information on GSI Group Liability Insurance (Europa Versicherung)

    General information