Welcome Office

The Welcome Office at GSI/FAIR is the central point of contact for associated guests and users on campus.

On Monday April 26th we move to our new premises BR1.1.144 (former post office).

Corona Check list for GSI / FAIR guests

At any time, if you do not feel well, cancel your trip.
This checklist is to support you and is not legally binding.
Last update on April 16th, 2021

  1. Is visit necessary?
    • if NO, do not come
    • if YES, continue with 2
  2. Are you coming from a risk area?
    Please note the difference between  "areas of variant of concern”, “high incidence areas”, “risk areas”
    Travel restrictions and border control        Ordinance of protection
    • if NO, you can come (if you have a valid contract or  guest agreement with GSI / FAIR)
    • if YES,
  3. Get tested before travelling
    Information for travellers from the State of Hesse in English and other languages
    • if tested positiv, inform your local contact person at GSI / FAIR (who should inform other departments that are involved)
    • if tested negativ, bring the proof (not older than 48 hours) with you
  4. Guests have to do an electronic entry registration.
    IMPORTANT: carry the confirmation of the entry registration form with you at all times during travel
    If you are not able to do the electronic entry registration:
  5. Inviting person at GSI has to inform Task-Force-Health and Welcome Office.
    • Information on guest: Name, birth date, arrival date, travelling in from, places of stay during visit
    • Information on inviting person: Name, department, telephone number
  6. At any time, if you do not feel well, cancel your trip.
  7. On arrival, go in isolation at a place of your choice. For example:
    • Arheilger Hof cooking possibilities.
    • Hotel Atlanta water cooker and small fridge available.
    • Hotel Weißer Schwan can provide 3 meals a day and a water cooker on request.

      Flyer RKI on isolation
      Please inform yourself how delivery of food and drinks can be organized. The only reason you are allowed to leave your room for, is to go for the test. Some hotels offer catering. 
    1. If coming from an area of variant of concern, you need to stay in isolation for 14 days.
    2. Ohterwise, you can get tested after 5 days (day of arrival does not count) or stay in isolation for 10 days.
      Information on accepted tests
      Where you can get tested:
      • At the airport.
      • Infektiologikum Frankfurt: You can get appointments between 08:00-13:00. The result is expected to be ready at 18:00 the same day. For an appointment, write an email to bickel(at)infektiologikum.de and put GSI Helmholtzzentrum in the subject of your email (expected costs around 75 Euro)
      • Darmstadt test centre for speed tests - online appointment booking possible
      • If you want to use the medical service via GSI, please ask your local contact person to contact the  Welcome Office and our Task-Force-Health. Details needed:
        1. Full name of guest
        2. Birthdate of guest
        3. Arrival date of guest
      • Corona Test Center in Darmstadt. Bessunger Straße 125, building D, 64295 Darmstadt. Opening hours: mon-fri 09:00-13:00. Call 116117 to get an approval to go. You do NOT get an appointment, so you will need patience.

        Accepted tests
        Information on accepted tests
      • Antigen-Body test (speed test):
        • if test is positive, get PCR test
        • if test is negative, continue with 9
      • PCR test
        • if test is negative, continue with 9
        • if test is positive:
          1. extend isolation with another 10 days
          2. inform Task-Force-Health, Local Contact Person and the Welcome Office
  9. Send result to task-force-health, welcome office and your local contact person.
    The Welcome office will activate your access card (overnight).

Stay in the GSI / FAIR Guest or Stein House - after isolation

  • The guest- and welcome office will inform the local health authorities about the number of people staying in the guest and stein house

GSI /FAIR information:

It is recommended to work from home whenever possible.
The canteen will offer take-away only.

General links with the latest information:

in German:



As a guest, you will have to register, before coming to GSI/FAIR.


  1. Visitors of public events
  2. Participants of events organized at GSI/FAIR
  3. People working for companies hired by GSI/FAIR (Fremdmitarbeiter)
  4. Guests paid from GSI, i.e. that are on GSI payroll; their point of contact is the Human Resources Department (stipends).

Local Contact Person

Before and during the stay of a guest/user, the Local Contact Person is the person to be contacted on all issues.
The Local Contact Person is the responsible counterpart for the Welcome Office and other departments for the guest/user.



GSI/FAIR is obliged to make sure that all guests (with guest agreement) are properly insured. GSI offers collective insurances for health and for liability.

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