GSI Group Heatlh Insurance (Europa Versicherung)

Please note: The current group insurance for Health Insurance will no longer be available. Existing plan holder may extend their plan until April 30st, if applicable.
It is a basic private health insurance. Which means bills have to paid by yourself beforehand and you get the money back afterwards after having turned in the bills. Please inform yourself about the condtions. The english version is for convenience only and not legally binding.

  • Price: € 1,84 per day
  • Covers business trips outside Germany BUT you will have to inform the welcome office about it beforehand by sending an email attaching the approved travel request (DIO) to welcome-office(at)
  • Does not cover: private trips outside of Germany


If you have pre-existing illnesses and/or need a broader range of services provided, please inform yourself about other possibilities. For example at:


Please come to the Welcome Office

Payment possbilities:

  • by card or cash in our guest office
  • by bank transfer
  • deducition from your scholarship, when you receive one from GSI


You can send the receipts to the Europaversicherung AG yourself by filling the application or bring the filled application and all original receipts to the Welcome Office and we will forward it to the Europaversicherung AG.