GSI Group Heatlh Insurance (Continentale a.G)

Group health insurance plan with Continentale a.G.

GSI has established a group plan with Continentale a.G. It is a basic helath coverage. Health costs incurred have to be paid up front and will be reimbursed after submitting invoices directly over a members portal desk. Applications are processed by the Welcome Office. Contributions payment process as well as issueing certificates (notice of contribution / certificate of insurance) are dealt directly by Continentale a.G.)

Health plan coverage

information - German 
here is extra information on preventative check-ups


If you have pre-existing illnesses and/or need a broader range of services provided, please inform yourself about other possibilities.


The contributions will be as follows:

  • adults: 60,90 € per month (2,03 € per day)
  • children up to the age of 15th 43,20 € per month (1,44 € per day)

Please note: additionally Long Care insurance must be taken out as soon as it is known that the stay will last longer than 1 year. This is regulated by law. The fee is depending on the age (Link to table).


Please fill in, sign and submit to the welcome office both the application form and the data protection statement 
(Data Protection Information) .