Information to the GSI online instructions

The online instructions can be found under the following link:

This is a short information to the online computer aided instruction system INSTRUCT.

  • With INSTRUCT supervisor can assign all the needed instructions to their employees. Editors are able to create their own instruction and are able to insert their instruction via a text editor into INSTRUCT.
  • Users get a feedback of their knowledge by answering the multiple choice questions.
  • Automatic generated reminder emails remind the users to do a due instruction.
  • INSTRUCT is capable of two languages, German and English.

INSTRUCT registration

The registration at INSTRUCT is active, i.e. the user calls up the page The first time, the user is asked to enter the name of the supervisor or the tutor in addition to their date of birth. It is important that a person is entered there, as this is the only way to assign additional online instructions required by the supervisor / turor in addition to the general safety instruction.

Is it not possible to enter the person, please contact: Dr. Alexandra Knapp.


WebLogin-Account also for guest scientists

Since 2020, all guests and visiting researchers get a GSI WebLogin account via pre-registration. Please use the WebLogin account to do the GSI online instruction.

If you have previously used the guest access for the GSI online instruction, please do not use it anymore.

One of the advantages of the WebLogin account is that the user is reminded of all due instructions via email. If a visiting scientist logs in to the online instruction for the first time, registration takes place. The visiting scientist specifies the tutor / GSI contact person. If it is not possible to enter this person, please contact Dr. Alexandra Knapp.


WebLogin account also for employees of external companies

Employees of external companies should also do the GSI online instructions via the WebLogin account. If the person does not yet have a WebLogin account, an account can be requested here : request WebLogin



If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Alexandra Knapp.