Accelerator radiation protection

This is the radiation webpage of the department St (accelerator radiation protection). Here you find the most important information to radiation protection in GSI.


The operation of the particle accelerators cause ionizing radiation. To protect all people working in GSI, regions are classified in the following areas:

  • inaccessible area
  • controlled area
  • not controlled

Person you need to work in controlled areas must be under radiation protection surveillance.

Under the following link "Entrance requirements to GSI controlled areas" you can find the access requirements for GSI employees, and also for external employees and guest scientist.

Ionizing radiation can be also emitted by radioactive sources and activated components. People working with radioactive sources and working in the area of activated components must be also in radiation protection surveillance. Strahlenschutzanweisungen (radiation protection instructions) rule the behaviour in different situations in radiation protection. Please ask prior your work if you need to obey radiation protection instructions.

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