Tickets for public transport

Dear Guests,

There are several options for public transport. Here please find some options:



  • price 49€ per month
  • valid nationwide in 2nd class on local and regional trains (not on long-distance trains, e.g. ICE, IC, EC), non-transferable
  • can be canceled monthly, automatic term, unlimited term
  • please note that the ticket must be cancelled in time
  • more information and how to get the DeutschlandTicket:


rmv Deutschlandticket

How to purchase DeutschlandTicket (page 2 is in english)


other options

Otherwise, the following ticket options are available for local public transfer from GSI/FAIR campus (tariff zone 4035) to Darmstadt center (tariff zone 4001):

  • day ticket:                  6,15 €
  • weekly ticket:           22,80 €
  • monthly ticket:         77,50 €

(status as of 26.04.23)


Bus schedule line G

more information

More information about mobility at GSI/FAIR (for example Heinerliner or call a bike) please find here:

GSI  -  Mobility