Our Services

  • Control of the buildings
  • Properties
  • traffic routes and guest accommodations
  • Coordination and organization in the areas of :
    • Gate and security service
    • Visitor regulation FAIR/GSI
    • Maintenance cleaning and special cleaning
    • Glass cleaning
    • Sanitary and hygiene service
    • Guest office and hotel administration
    • Janitorial service (internal transports, small repairs)
    • Canteen and caterer
  • Large and special events
  • Waste disposal and recycling center
  • Organic waste/bins, green areas
  • Traffic area cleaning and winter service
  • Parking area management within the GSI
  • Mail and messenger service
  • Pest control
  • Water dispenser management
  • Administration of the lecture halls
  • Room labeling / signage
  • Student summer + student bicycles
  • Renting of bicycle boxes
  • Issuance of entry permit
  • Vehicle fleet

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Information about key management can be found at CAM-SPE CAM-SPE locking system