HowTo Register (online registration - processing time about 2 weeks)

As a guest and/or user, you will have to register, before coming to GSI/FAIR.

GSI / FAIR Guest Registration Options

Please remember: Users with experiments managed by GATE do not need to start a guest registration here, but need to be registered as users in GATE ( and complete their personal data in order to obtain access to GSI / FAIR campus.

  1. Are you a User intending to visit GSI / FAIR for different reasons other than an experiment? (Users need to be registered in GATE and have a valid GATE-account.) You can use your personal data stored in GATE. Please start your “guest registration” in the personal section within GATE.
  2. If you are a Guest (no User) and therefore do not have a GATE-account but do have a GSI-Weblogin: You can start here, and (if available) use your last stored registration data.
  3. If you are a Guest and have neither, you should start with the empty registration form.

In general:

The maximum duration of the Guest Agreement is 5 Years (Subject to extention).

Before filling the online form, you should contact the hosting department (secretaries) to make sure the given details are accurate .

Please start your registration at least 2 weeks before travelling to GSI.

Complete the electronic registration form and upload scans of:

  1. your ID and
  2. a signed GSI / FAIR Home Institution Declaration (see download center on the right) or a GSI / FAIR Self Declaration in case you are a student, scholar or receiving a retirement pension.
    • The Home Institution Declaration (HID) must be completed and signed by an authorized representative of the your home institution. More information here: HowTo HID
    • In case you don’t know yourself if you need the GSI or FAIR Home Institution or Self Declaration, please contact your Local Contact Person

What happens next

After you have filled and submitted your online registration:

  1. You will receive an email acknowledging the entry of your pre-registration
  2. The "local contact person" will check, complete (if necessary) and confirm (or deny) your registration request.
    Information for the "local contact person".
  3. The Welcome Office will check and approve (or deny) your registration.
    • In some cases additional risk assessment is necessary.
      This is the case if the country of affiliation and/or nationality is listed here.
      Guests with an Israeli nationality/affiliation must also be checked.
      More detailed information can be found here.

  4. You will receive an email about the status and next steps, including:
    • partly filled GSI / FAIR guest agreement to complete
    • GSI Weblogin, and password in separate mail (except if you already have one)
    • link to the online Data Protection form with the request to fill, signe and upload it
    • link to our General Safety Instructions
      Information on how to get access to controlled areas is given on the webpage Entrance Requirements to GSI Controlled Areas under “Entrance requirements for guests”. If needed, please start this processes as soon as you received your GSI Weblogin and did the safety instructions.
  5. Please upload the completed and signed scan of the guest agreement to the provided link including all necessary requested attachments  (like visa, health insurances for those coming from non EU or Schengen countries)
  6. We will inform you and your Local Contact Person once we have countersigned your Guest Agreement and have prepared your access card.
    • To enter GSI's campus you need to identify yourself at the Main Gate, where you will receive your GSI / FAIR Access Card (Only available if the Registration process was completed).
    • Please inform your local contact person about (your arrival plans) at GSI / FAIR.
  7. In case changes occur please send an email to welcome-office(at) (e.g. change of institute or update on documents).

More information on the documents

The Home Institution Declaration (HID) must be completed and signed by an authorized representative of the person's home institution.

You will receive your GSI or FAIR Guest Agreement via the registration system.

The Self Declaration is to be completed and signed by yourself.

  • students, please upolad your enrollment certificate as well
  • scholars, please upolad the scholarship/grant certificate as well

Change or Update

GATE users (not coming for an experiment): please change in personal section in GATE System (

All others: If you need to change/update an existing registration please send an email with the relevant information to: welcome-office(at)

Some scenarios:

  • Extending stay: Please register again. Do you have a GSI-Weblogin ? You can start here and use your last stored registration data (if available).
  • New Local Contact Person: Email is enough, please include former and new Local Contact Person
  • New Home Institution: Please provide new Home Institution Declaration

To renew your regististration go here.