Eduroam/DFN access at GSI

Instructions about how to use Eduroam you will find on the new service page for Eduroam.


A GSI employee or guest can enter the Internet via GSIfree. This can be done either by a wireless LAN such as EDUROAM or GSI-Guest or via cable network if the guest-device was registered in the user-help-desk.

List of blocked services for GSI-guest networks







WLAN guest accounts

If you don‘t have a valid eduroam account in your respective home institution or at GSI, you can apply for a guest account and connect to the Internet via GSI-Guest. For the participants in conferences there is another method, please contact the Secretariat to the respective conference to obtain your wireless access.

WLAN conference guest accounts

If you organize a conference or a workshop here in GSI, you can apply for conference guest accounts so that the participants receive Internet access via the wireless VPN/WEB.