Die Gästehäuser der GSI bleiben für externe Gäste vorerst bis 31.07.2020 geschlossen. Hierbei wurde die Reisewarnung des Außenministers, die Reisen von / in ausländische Staaten bis 16.06. ausschließt und die anschließende Renovierung des Gästehauses berücksichtigt. Ausnahmen, insbesondere (nur) dann, wenn sie aus unkritischen Regionen Deutschlands anreisen, können auf Antrag genehmigt werden. Der Antrag ist von dem Anforderer (d, m, w) an die Task Force Health zu stellen, die darüber befindet - ggf. unter weiterer Einschaltung der GF.


The guesthouses of the GSI will remain closed for external guests until 31.07.2020. In this context the travel warning of the foreign minister, which includes travel from / to foreign countries until 16.06. and the subsequent renovation of the guest house has been taken into account. Exceptions, especially (only) if they travel from uncritical regions of Germany, can be approved upon application. The request is to be submitted by the requester to the Task Force Health, which will decide - if necessary with further involvement of the management.


Dear guest,

Welcome to the GSI/FAIR! Here you will find useful information about our institute and the guest-office.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

Best regards,

Christine Haste & Carola Blumenschein

At the guest-office you can:

  • Get information on GSI/FAIR
  • Make reservations of GSI/FAIR hotels
  • Find help to finding an apartment
  • Find help to finding a hotel room
  • Pay for Medical Insurance / Private Liability Insurance
  • Buy GSI/FAIR gifts
  • Make taxi reservations

Please do nut hesitate to ask us at any time, we will gladly assist you.


GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH
Planckstraße 1
64291 Darmstadt

Fon: +49-6159-71-2625

Email: guest-office(at)gsi.de

Location: SB1.1.202b inside the GSI-Foyer

Lodging Facilities

GSI/FAIR offers two lodging facilities.


It is dedicated for beam-time users (they have priority). Rooms with private bath and phone; location: GSI/FAIR campus. Price: 34 € per night (extra bed 5 € per night). Busstop for bus to Darmstadt: 15 min walking distance; train station Wixhausen: 30 min; shopping area Wixhausen: 25 min. Online Reservation.


Dedicated also for long-term stays up to max. 6 month. Single and double rooms most of them with shower; location: Messeler-Park-Strasse 121 (15 min walking distance to GSI). Price: 21 € per night (Extra bed 5 € per night). Busstop for bus to Darmstadt: 2 min; train station Wixhausen: 15 min; shopping area Wixhausen: 10 min. Please contact the Guest-office or use our reservation requests.