The Welcome Office as well as the Guest Office will be CLOSED on:

  • Thursday, June 30th after 12:00 (noon)
  • Monday, July 4th after 12:30

 Keys for the booked Guest- or Steinhaus rooms are available for Pickup and Drop off at the Main Gate 24/7.

The 9-Euro-Ticket

The Federal Government decided to subsidize the tickets for Public transportation. Starting June 1st of 2022, for the duration of the 3 months of June, July and August the monthly cost for this ticket will be 9 Euro. This Ticket will probably be made available starting the end of May. You can purchase it through the RMV-App, at RMV Ticket Machines and at RMV- Sales Offices. For more Information regarding this Ticket go to:

Welcome Office

The Welcome Office at GSI/FAIR is the central point of contact for associated guests and users on campus.

Directions to GSI

Corona Information for Guests



As a guest, you will have to register, before coming to GSI/FAIR.


  1. Visitors of public events( Access for visitors)
  2. Participants of events organized at GSI/FAIR
  3. People working for companies hired by GSI/FAIR (Fremdmitarbeiter)
  4. Trainees with a contract from GSI/FAIR
  5. Guests paid from GSI, i.e. that are on GSI payroll; their point of contact is the Human Resources Department (stipends).

Local Contact Person

Before and during the stay of a guest/user, the Local Contact Person is the person to be contacted on all issues.
The Local Contact Person is the responsible counterpart for the Welcome Office and other departments for the guest/user.

GSI/FAIR Lodging (Guest Office)

  • Guest Room reservations in:
    • Guesthouse: It is dedicated for beam-time users (they have priority). Rooms with private bath and phone; location: GSI/FAIR campus. Price: 34 € per night (extra bed 5 € per night). Busstop for bus to Darmstadt: 15 min walking distance; train station Wixhausen: 30 min; shopping area Wixhausen: 25 min. Online Reservation.

    • Steinhaus: Dedicated also for long-term stays up to max. 6 month. Single and double rooms most of them with shower; location: Messeler-Park-Strasse 121 (15 min walking distance to GSI). Price: 21 € per night (Extra bed 5 € per night). Busstop for bus to Darmstadt: 2 min; train station Wixhausen: 15 min; shopping area Wixhausen: 10 min. Please contact the Guest-office or use our reservation requests.

  • Buy GSI/FAIR gifts
  • Make taxi reservations



GSI/FAIR is obliged to make sure that all guests (with guest agreement) are properly insured. GSI offers collective insurances for health and for liability.


Funding Opportunities