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Find here a list of hotels in the vicinity of GSI: List of hotels

Youth hostel

Landgraf-Georg-Straße 119, 64287 Darmstadt
Phone: 06151 / 45293, Fax: 06151 / 422535
Further Information


The GSI guest office can help to rent a flat. Users have to register in the GSI guest-office to a dedicated mailing-list, which is used to distribute actual offers. Please contact our guest office via the following e-mail: guest-office(at)


The "Mitwohnzentrale" helps to find furnished and unfurnished apartments - long-term or short-term (e.g. from people who would like to rent out their apartments during their vacation). The Mitwohnzentrale gives you the phone number of the landlord, and the contract is signed directly with the landlord.  They receive a commission (e.g. 18% of the monthly rent; the maximum is 1 monthly rent - for over 6 months rental term), plus an additional 16% VAT.
This service is quite useful, because it is very hard to find furnished apartments for short-term rental.
Address: Im Niederfeld 8, D-64293 Darmstadt, Telefon 06151/89 75 64
Opening hours: Mo-Fr 9:30- 13:00.

Newspaper ads

Ads in the local press Darmstädter Echo, Arheilger Post and in the advertising paper Sperrmüll.