Biophysics Seminars

18.07.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Clinical applications for CMOS pixel sensors in ion-beam therapy
Claire-Anne Reidel
GSI Darmstadt

11.06.2019 14:00
KBW Lecture Hall
Carbon Ion Radiotherapy - where we stand and what we seek
Dr. H. Makishima
QST Hosptial
National Institutes for Quantum and
Radiological Sciences and Technology

06.06.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Bio-tools for next generation radiation research
Dr. Insa Schröder
GSI Darmstadt

23.05.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Effects of ionizing radiation on cerebral organoids
Celine Schielke
GSI Darmstadt

09.05.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Proton therapy research at WPE: an overview of medical physics projects
Dr. Christian Bäumer
Westdeutsches Protonentherapiezentrum Essen

25.04.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Individualized Radiation Medicine: Preclinical Studies and Clinical Translation
Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Stephanie E. Combs
Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology
Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Director, Institute of Radiation Medicine (IRM)
Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU)

02.04.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Low-dose radiation manipulates neural stem cell-fate progression mediated by potassium-channel activation
Dr. Bastian Roth
Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiology
TU Darmstadt

28.03.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Approaches to model the combined action of radiation and immune therapy
Dr. Thomas Friedrich
GSI Dramstadt

14.03.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Using Genetically Engineered Mouse Models of Cancer to Study Radiation Biology
Prof. MD. Dr. David Kirsch
Duke Uniiversity, Durham, NC USA

06.03.2019 10:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Reducing the radiotherapy side effects with the use of ion beams: current status and future prospects
Prof. Albert Siegbahn
Karolinska Institut, Stockholm, Sweden

05.03.2019 11:30
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
GC4419 is a normal tissue radioprotector that also enhances the anti-tumor effects of high dose per fraction radiation and immune therapy
Dr. Michael Dean Story
Dr. Anthony J. Davis
Radiation Oncology
Graduate School of Medical Sciences
UT Southwestern, Dallas, USA

18.02.2018 10:30
Hörsaal SB1
Radon researches focusing on positive effects due to radon therapy
Dr. Akihiro Sakoda
Application of information mathematics to the analysis of radiation health effectsD
Norie Kanzaki
Japan Atom Energy Agency, Okayama, Japan

07.02.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Particle therapy from industry point of view
Dr. Kristjan Anderle
COSYLAB, Ljubljana, Slovenia

24.01.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
New strategies in carbon-ion therapy: LET painting and immunotherapy
Dr. Piero Fossati
MedAustron, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

17.01.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Your research findings are false: revising the p-value
Prof. Dr. Marco Durante
GSI, Darmstadt

10.01.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Assessment of radiation field on cellular scales in beams using fluorescent nuclear track detectors
PD Dr. Steffen Greilich
Division of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany