Biophysics Seminars


Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Innovative Large Area Flexible Ionizing Radiation Detectors

Dr. Laura Basiricò

Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Bologna, Italyc

30.11.2023 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170

Radiation-induced immune signaling in glioblastoma, pancreatic cancer and triple-negative breast cancer

Prof. Dr. Dea Slade

Medical University of Vienna

15.11.2023 15:30

Is radiotherapy fading?

Prof. Dr. Marco Durante

GSI, Darmstadt

Department of Radiation Oncology

04.10.2023 11:30

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Sitting up for radiation therapy: development of an isocentric chair for use with conventional linacs

Dr. James Korte

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Victoria , Australia

03.08.2023 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Radiation-Induced Lymphopenia: A Balancing Act

MUDr. Sarah Al-Hamami

Proton Therapy Center Czech, Praha

13.07.2023 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Metabolic dependencies as a molecular target to overcome radioresistance

Dr. rer. nat. Johann Matschke

University Hospital Essen (AöR)

Institute of Cell Biology (Cancer Research)

04.07.2023 11:30

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Real-time 4D-dose calculation to assess the efficacy of motion mitigation strategies

Cosimo Galeone

GSI, Darmstadt

23.06.2023 10 a.m.

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Current status of the first carbon therapy facility in the USA

Dr. Chris J. Beltran

Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida

19.06.2023 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Artificial Intelligence in Radiotherapy Treatment Plannin

Prof. Dr. Zoltán Perkó

TU Delft, Netherlands

25.05.2023 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Photon vs. proton irradiation: LET effects on radio(chemo)sensitivity of preclinical sarcoma and normal tissue models

Prof. Dr. Cläre v. Neubeck

Translationale Partikeltherapie

Universitätsklinikum Essen (AöR)

Klinik für Partikeltherapie

Westdeutsches Protonentherapiezentrum Essen (WPE)

16.05.2023 11:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Nuclear Reaction and Production Cross-Sections for Space and Therapy Applications

Dr. Francesca Luoni and Réka Szabò

GSI, Darmstadt

11.05.2023 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Variable proton RBE: clinical relevance and ion-independent modeling

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Armin Luhr

TU - Dortmund

4D-dosimetric blood flow model to estimate radiation dose to patient's peripheral blood during radiotherapy

Dr.  Abdelkhalek Hammi

TU - Dortmund

05.04.2023 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Upright Patient Positioning - The Furture Of Radiation Oncology

Dr. Stephen Towe

LEO Cancer Care, Middleton, USA

30.03.2023 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Short-lived radioactive 8Li and 8He ions for therapy

Dr. Marie Vanstalle

IPHC and CNRS, Strasbourg, France

10.03.2023 09:30 - 12:30

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Ph.D. Biophysics day

09.03.2023 13:50 - 17:30

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Ph.D. Biophysics day

28.02.2023 16:15

GSI Hösaal SB

GSI – FAIR Kolloquium

Faster and Safer? The Quick Rise of FLASH Radiotherapy

Prof. Dr. Marco Durante – GSI & TU Darmstadt

19.01.2023 14:00

Theorieseminarraum SB3 3.170a

Radon - a risk benefit evaluation based on distribution and dose determination

Dr. Andreas Maier

GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

08.12.2022 14:00

Theorieseminarraum SB3 3.170a

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) to mediate the effects of Carbon Ion Therapy

Dr. Géraldine Genard

Biomedical Physics In Radiation Oncology

Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum

Heidelberg, Germany

24.11.2022 14:00

Personalized particle therapy: Exploiting the proton Bragg peak to enhance the therapeutic ratio in triple negative breast cancer

Dr. Robert Mutter

Mayo Clinic, USA

17.11.2022 10:00

Paradoxical effects of Inflammation in Cancer Therapy

Prof. Arta Monir Monjazeb, MD, PhD

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Sacramento, CA , USA

21.10.2022 13:30

Theorieseminarraum SB3 3.170a

Cancer suppression mechanisms in elephants: What do we know so far?

Dr. Charlot Vandvoorde

GSI Darmstadt

06.10.2022 09:00

Inhibition of the miR-574-5p as a new therapeutic approach for arthritis disease

Dr. Meike J. Saul

TU Darmstadt, Biology Department

05.10.2022 11:00

Prediction and mechanisms from multi-level bulk, single-cell and spatial-omics data

PD Dr. Kristian Unger

Helmholtz Munich

Lead Translational Bioinformatics, Research Unit Radiation Cytogenetics

21.07.2022 14:00

Image processing software ImageD and its applications in biophysics at GSI

David Eilenstein

GSI, Darmstadt

12.05.2022 14:00

Local Effect Model V: Improved RBE predictions by considering secondary electron spectra

Dr. Tabea Pfuhl

GSI - Darmstadt

05.04.2022 14:00

Bottom-up and top-down research towards improving radiation therapy outcome

Prof. Dr. Harald Paganetti

Director of Physics Research, Department of Radiation Oncology

Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

24.03.2022 14:00

Research on novel radiotherapy technologies at Danish Centre for Particle Therapy

Dr. Mateusz Krzysztof Sitarz

Aarhus University

Department of Clinical Medicine - DCPT - Danisch Center for Particle Therapy. Aahrus N, Denmark

10.03.2022 09:30 - 11:45

Ph.D Day

GSI, Darmstadt

09.03.2022 14:00 - 17:30

Ph.D Day

GSI, Darmstadt

17.02.2022 14:00

Brain tumor organoids: a model to examine radiation impacts

Esther Schickel

GSI, Darmstadt

10.02.2022 14:00

Special Christoph-Schmelzer-Award Seminar (Christoph Schmelzer Awards 2020)

Respiratory motion modeling in particle therapy

Dr. Giorgia Meschini, Politecnico Milano

03.02.2022 14:00

Special Christoph-Schmelzer-Award Seminar (Christoph Schmelzer Awards 2021)

Normal brain tissue reaction after proton irradiation

Dr. Theresa Suckert, TU Dresden


Measurement of Nuclear Reaction Cross Sections for Applications in Radiotherapy with Protons, Helium and Carbon Ions

Dr. Felix Horst, Univ. Giessen

09.12.2021 15:30

Zoom room:

FLUKA: (past), present and future

Dr. Alfredo Ferrari  

KIT Karlsruhe

02.12.2021 14:00

Zoom room:

Innate Immunity and Inflammation: from Cancer to COVID-19

Prof. Alberto Mantovani

Humanitas Clinical and Research Center, Italy

16.11.2021 09:40

Zoom Room:

T lymphocyte homeostasis in age and in response to radiation

Serge Candeias

University of Grenoble-Alpes, France

17.11.2021 09:00

Zoom Room:

Challenges in lung dosimetry upon radon exposure

Balázs Madas

Radiation Biophysics Group, Environmental Physics Department Centre for Energy Research, Budapest, Hungary

04.11.2021 14:00

Zoom Room:

Toward international dose limits for human missions to the moon and Mars

Prof. Dr. Marco Durante

GSI, Darmstadt

01.07.2021 14:00

Zoom room:

Current status and future perspective of heavy-ion therapy at NIRS, QST

Dr. Taku Inaniwa


27.05.2021 13:00

Zoom room:

Artificial Intelligence in radiotherapy

Dr. Carlos Eduardo Cardenas

MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA

20.05.2021 17:30


Data integration for space radiobiology: from mice to humans

Dr. Sylvain V. Costes

Space Biosciences Research Branch


Mountain View, USA

29.04.2021 9:30


The role of microdosimetry in particle therapy

Prof. Dr. Anatoly B. Rozenfeld

Director, Centre for Medical Radiation Physics

University of Wollongong, Australia

22.04.2021 14:00

How to prevent DNA-repair at telomeric DNA - and harnessing cancer cell metabolism for radiation therapy


Dr. Katja Kratz

GSI, Darmstadt

15.04.2021 14:00

Therapeutic application of T cell targets and TAM inhibitors


Dr. Tamara Bender

GSI, Darmstadt

08.04.2021 14:00


Radiotherapy with helium ions - 3He vs 4He

Dr. Felix Horst

GSI, Darmstadt

25.03.2021 10:00


5-year experience of proton and carbon ion therapy in Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center 

Prof. Guo-Liang Jiang, MD, FACR, Dir. Clin Tech Committee.

Jingfang Zhao, MS, Assistant Chairman, Radiation Physics.

Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center

Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center

18.03.2021 14:00


Is there a future for particle imaging? - Evaluating helium ion imaging at Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center

Dr. Lennart Volz

GSI, Darmstadt

11.03.2021 9:15 - 16:30



GSI. Darmstadt

04.03.2021 14:00


FLASH and raster scanning with particle beams - dose rate calculations and assessment for radio biology and radio chemistry

Dr. Daria Boscolo & Dr. Uli Weber

GSI; Darmstadt, Germany

04.02.2021 14:00


FLASH-RT and FLASH effect: biological and clinical implications

Dr. Marie-Catherine Vozenin

Université de Lausanne, Switzerland