Investigations into Biological Effects of Radiation (IBER) Using the GSI Accelerator Facility

GSI is the European facility selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to perform research in biological effects of space radiation. Cosmic radiation poses a major threat to the health of astronauts exploring outer space. In order to study in more detail the biological effects of cosmic radiation and find out solutions for effective radiation protection measures in space, the ESA and GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung have been cooperating on the research project IBER (Investigations into Biological Effects of Radiation) for almost ten years. The project enables groups of researchers to use the GSI accelerator facilities to study the biological effects of cosmic radiation. The first IBER campaign started in 2008. Now, scientists will have a further opportunity to study this topic at GSI and utilize beam time.

IBER-19 experiments

ESA has officially approved 12 experiments that will be implemented at GSI in 2021-22 in the framework of the Investigations on Biological Effects of Radiation (IBER) program. Investigators  from Germany, Italy, Canada, Belgium and UK will perform experiments for space radiation risk assessment and to develop countermeasures for the  missions to the Moon and Mars. The investigators will use iron ions at 1 GeV/n in the FAIR-phase-0 beamtime.

List of approved experiments

Meeting of the IBER Working Group (IBER-17 final results and IBER-19 proposals): July 24, 2020, online.

2020.07.24 - IBER19 - Workshop - Irradiation Infrastrcture
IBER - Workshop - Radiobiology - Ritter 2020
IWG 2020

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