How to become a (physics) PhD student at TU Darmstadt / HGS-HIRe

1) You need to be accepted as a PhD student by the physics faculty (Fachbereich Physik). You need to apply for that by filling out the form “antragaufnahme.pdf” available here.

General information (in german) concerning PhDs at TU Darmstadt can be found here.

2) You need to matriculate at TU Darmstadt. Application for matriculation has to be done online. Here is the link.

Some information (in german) can be found here.

The most important information from that file (for students not yet matriculated at TU Darmstadt) in english:


  • before you matriculate file your application to the faculty to be accepted as a PhD student
  • online application for matriculation following the above link is possible between beginning/mid December and Jan 15th for the summer semester and between beginning/mid may and July 15th
  • you should even apply for matriculation till the 15th (Jan or Jul) if you are not yet accepted by the faculty. Decision concerning your matriculation will be made as soon as you are accepted as a PhD student by the faculty
  • as a PhD student you have to pay semester fees. Curren fees, university bank account and so on can be found here
  • after successful online matriculation you will be provided with a detailed list of all documents you need to hand in “Checkliste – Unterlagen zur Bewerbung”


3) Apply at HGS-HIRe. There is a step by step process online.

Being matriculated is a prerequisite for being member at HGS-HIRe. However, the application process can also be started before you have matriculated. You can hand these forms in later.