Space Radiation Physics group

for Particle Therapy and Radiation Protection in Space

The Radiation Physics Group is one of the eight subgroups of the GSI Biophysics department, led by Marco Durante. It is composed of an international group of physicists, engineers, and students working on radiation physics applied to radiation protection in space and ion-beam therapy. The group is also responsible for the operation of the GSI experimental room Cave A.

Current Team Members:

Previous Team Members:

Master students 2023/2024

Master students 2022/2023

Often, scientific careers start with master's theses. Many master's students start loving scientific work and decide to continue working in this research field as doctoral candidates. Master’s students are welcome to our group if they are qualified, and we make a special effort to supervise them. Many of our master’s theses could be transferred into a (first) scientific publication.

Research Projects

Ion Beam Therapy

 •  FLASH for Protons: 3D Range Modulators (funded by VARIAN Medical)
•  FLASH for Carbon-Ions (GSI)
•  PARTITUR: Biologische und physikalische Optimierung der Partikelstrahlen (BMBF funded)
•  BARB: Biomedical Applications of Radioactive ion Beams (advanced ERC grant, EU)
•  CMOS Sensors: In-situ beam monitoring and near-field fluence measurements (GSI)
•  3D-Path: 3D-Range modulators (ZIM)  (closed 2020) (BMBF/AiF funded)
•  Helium beams: nuclear fragmentation cross section measurements (closed 2019) (GSI)

Radiation Protection in Space

•   HEARTS:  Developping Infrastructure for Electronic Radiation Hardness tests (EU funded)
•   IBPER21: MoonDust: Mixed radiation fields behind GCR simulator and Moon regolith simulant (ESA funded)
•   GCR Simulator: Efficiently generating the full galactic-cosmic radiation spectrum  (ESA funded)
•   DEIMOS: Dose build-up Measurements for space radiation Shielding applications (ESA funded)
•   ROSSINI: Space Radiation Shielding with Innovative materials (closed 2021) (ESA funded)

Our infrastructure

­­­----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------              Collaborations:

•   ESA ESTEC (Dr. Giovanni Santin)
•  THM Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (Prof. Klemens Zink)
•   University Clinic Marburg and Marburg Ion-Beam Therapy (MIT) (Prof. Engenhart-Cabillic)
•  University Clinic Heidelberg and Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy (HIT) (Prof. Juergen Debus)
•  University of Strasbourg (Dr. Dr. Marie Vanstalle and Dr. Dr. Christian Finck)
•  PTB (Dr. Miroslav Zboril)
•  DLR (Dr. Thomas Berger)
•  TIFPA Trento Institute for Fundamentals Physics Applications (Prof. Francesco Tommasino, Prof. Chiara La Tessa)
•  HZDR-Oncoray (Dr. Felix Horst, Dr. Wolfgang Enghardt)
•  NASA Langley (Dr. John Norbury, Dr. Tony Slaba)
•  Thales Alenia Space Torino (Dr. Martina Giraudo)
•  CERN (Dr. Rubén Garcìa Alìa)
•  Holland PTC (Dr. Marta Rovituso)
•   LU Justus Liebig University Gießen (Prof. Kai Brinkmann)
•  University of Rome (Prof. Vincenzo Patera)
•  Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (Dr. Tanawat)
•  Brookhaven National Laboratory (Dr. Adam Rusek)
•   CNAO Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica (Dr. Sandro Rossi)
•  VARIAN Medical Systems (Proton therapy team)