Treatment Planning and Validation

Group leader: PD Dr. Michael Krämer

This work group investigates the interaction of charged particle beams with matter on multiple scales.

Main research topics

  •  Macroscopic dose distribution
    • Adaptive treatment planning
    • "Kill-painting" (e.g. to treat hypoxic tumours)
    • Mathematical optimization algorithms
    • Treatment planning with TRiP98 for combined multi-ion treatments
    • "Space TRiP": adaptation of radiotherapy planning concepts for space radiation protection applications, extension of TRiP98 to higher (FAIR) energies
  • Microscopic Monte Carlo calculations 
    • Low energy electron interactions
    • Radiation chemistry under ultra-high dose rate irradiation
    • Oxygen Effect
    • Nanoparticle radiation enhancement and electron emission from solids
  • Experimental validation of treatment planning
    • Verification of 3D dose distributions
    • Biological verification using gel-based 3D bio-phantoms
    • Biological phantoms with different oxygen concentrations
    • Tests of adaptive treatment plans

Some recent publications

[1] Wälzlein C., Scifoni E., Krämer M., Durante M., Simulations of dose enhancement for heavy atom nanoparticles irradiated by protons, Phys. Med. Biol., 59:1441-1458 (2014); DOI: 10.1088/0031-9155/59/6/1441
[2] Tinganelli W., Durante M., Hirayama R., Krämer M., Maier A., Kraft-Weyrather W.K., Furusawa Y., Friedrich T., Scifoni E., Kill-painting of hypoxic tumours in charged particle therapy; Scientific Reports, 5: 17016 (2015); DOI: doi:10.1038/srep17016
[3] Krämer M., Scifoni E., Schuy C., Rovituso M., Tinganelli W., Maier A., Kaderka R., Kraft-Weyrather W.K., Brons S., Tessonnier T., Parodi K., Durante M., Helium ions for radiotherapy? Physical and biological verifications of a novel treatment modality Med. Phys.,43 (4) :1995 -2004 (2016) PMID: 27036594, DOI: 10.1118/1.4944593
[4] Sokol O., Scifoni E., Tinganelli W., Kraft-Weyrather W., Wiedemann J., Maier A., Boscolo D., Friedrich T., Brons S., Durante M., Krämer M., Oxygen beams for therapy: advanced biological treatment planning and experimental verification, Phys. Med. Biol., 62:7798-7813 (2017)
[5] Krämer M., Scifoni E., Giraudo M., Durante M., GSI-FAIR Scientific Report, p.189 (2017)
[6] Boscolo D., Krämer M., Durante M., Fuss M. C., Scifoni E., TRAX-CHEM: A pre-chemical and chemical stage extension of the particle track structure code TRAX in water targets. Chem. Phys. Lett. 698, 11-18 (2018)
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  •  TIFPA/INFN (Dr. E. Scifoni) 
  •  DKFZ Heidelberg (Prof. J. Seco)
  •  SUT Thailand (Dr. C. Kobdaj)
  •  MedAustron, Vienna (Dr. P. Fossati)
  • Uni Namur (Prof. S. Lucas)
  •  IFF/CISC, Madrid (Prof. G. García)

Group members

PhD students:
Gianmarco Camazzola