Forschungsgebiete und Experimente

The research spectrum at GSI covers a very broad range in scales, from the sub-femtometer scales in hadron physics over the femto meter and ångström scales of nuclear and atomic physic to the scales of nano- and micrometer of materials science, plasma- and biophysics.

Nuclear Physics

Hadron physics

Hadron Structure Investigations with the Anti-Proton Facility of FAIR by

  • PANDA @ FAIR:HESR: the Proton-Antiproton Annihilation Experiment

Theoretical physics

Atomic physics

Structure of Atoms, Highly Charged Ions & Nuclei

Plasma Physics

Compressing Matter by Intensive Ion and Laser Beams

Materials Research

Material Science with Accelerated Ions

Biophysics & Medical Developments

Biophysics & Tumor Therapy with Ion Beams

Information Technology

  • R&D for High Performance Computing and Large Scale Data Management
  • Artificial intelligence