Low Energy Facility X6

The irradiation facility in the UNILAC experimental hall is used for more than 20 years for radiobiology and physics experiments. Biological samples like cell monolayers can be irradiated in the BIBA (Biologische Bestrahlungs-Anlage)  facility. The maximum field size is restricted to 50mm Ø. Standard irradiations are performed in 35mm Ø Petri dishes. The samples are positioned in the beam by means of an automatic vacuum grabber system and placed back after irradiation in the magazine filled with cell culture medium; the maximum capacity of a magazine is 20 samples. Other targets can be positioned manually in the beam position.

Beam parameters

Ions:        Protons...Uranium
Energy:      <15 MeV/u
LET:           10....15.000 keV/µm
Fluence:        103....1010/cm2
Dosimetry:   Ionisation chamber
Calibration:   CR39 track detectors