Seminars 2021

09.12.2021 15:30

Zoom room:

FLUKA: (past), present and future

Dr. Alfredo Ferrari  

KIT Karlsruhe

02.12.2021 14:00

Zoom room:

Innate Immunity and Inflammation: from Cancer to COVID-19

Prof. Alberto Mantovani

Humanitas Clinical and Research Center, Italy

16.11.2021 09:40

Zoom Room:

T lymphocyte homeostasis in age and in response to radiation

Serge Candeias

University of Grenoble-Alpes, France

17.11.2021 09:00

Zoom Room:

Challenges in lung dosimetry upon radon exposure

Balázs Madas

Radiation Biophysics Group, Environmental Physics Department Centre for Energy Research, Budapest, Hungary

04.11.2021 14:00

Zoom Room:

Toward international dose limits for human missions to the moon and Mars

Prof. Dr. Marco Durante

GSI, Darmstadt

01.07.2021 14:00

Zoom room:

Current status and future perspective of heavy-ion therapy at NIRS, QST

Dr. Taku Inaniwa


27.05.2021 13:00

Zoom room:

Artificial Intelligence in radiotherapy

Dr. Carlos Eduardo Cardenas

MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA

20.05.2021 17:30


Data integration for space radiobiology: from mice to humans

Dr. Sylvain V. Costes

Space Biosciences Research Branch


Mountain View, USA

29.04.2021 9:30


The role of microdosimetry in particle therapy

Prof. Dr. Anatoly B. Rozenfeld

Director, Centre for Medical Radiation Physics

University of Wollongong, Australia

22.04.2021 14:00

How to prevent DNA-repair at telomeric DNA - and harnessing cancer cell metabolism for radiation therapy


Dr. Katja Kratz

GSI, Darmstadt

15.04.2021 14:00

Therapeutic application of T cell targets and TAM inhibitors


Dr. Tamara Bender

GSI, Darmstadt

08.04.2021 14:00


Radiotherapy with helium ions - 3He vs 4He

Dr. Felix Horst

GSI, Darmstadt

25.03.2021 10:00


5-year experience of proton and carbon ion therapy in Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center 

Prof. Guo-Liang Jiang, MD, FACR, Dir. Clin Tech Committee.

Jingfang Zhao, MS, Assistant Chairman, Radiation Physics.

Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center

Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center

18.03.2021 14:00


Is there a future for particle imaging? - Evaluating helium ion imaging at Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center

Dr. Lennart Volz

GSI, Darmstadt

11.03.2021 9:15 - 16:30



GSI. Darmstadt

04.03.2021 14:00


FLASH and raster scanning with particle beams - dose rate calculations and assessment for radio biology and radio chemistry

Dr. Daria Boscolo & Dr. Uli Weber

GSI; Darmstadt, Germany

04.02.2021 14:00


FLASH-RT and FLASH effect: biological and clinical implications

Dr. Marie-Catherine Vozenin

Université de Lausanne, Switzerland