Important information for IBER-10 investigators

  • The IBER-10 program will grant you access to the beamtime for 2 years. 2012 and 2013, either at SIS or UNILAC. For details on the beams/energy available please contact the scientific coordinator.

  • IBER webpage. Please check it regularly, news will be posted on this website

  • What to do before the beamtime. Please follow these instructions carefully. You have plenty of time to prepare your experiments with heavy ions. Remember that it is strongly advised to test your system with X-rays in your institute before the accelerator beamtime.

  • Reporting. We will reduce the bureaucracy to the minimum. You will be asked to produce a short (1 page) yearly report (deadline in middle January, starting from January 2012) for the GSI Annual report. Check here for the format of the report. No beamtime will be provided to groups that do not submit the report within the deadline!

  • All publications, abstracts, report etc. must include an acknowledgment to ESA IBER-10. Please send a copy of the reprint or abstract with the acknowledgement to IBER-10 to Dr. Durante and Dr. Angerer.

  • Your liaison scientist (see Table) is an effective member of your group in this experiment. She/he will provide an essential support to perform the experiments, and is expected to be co-author in all related papers. Please get in contact with her/him at your earliest convenience, and well in advance of the irradiation. To contact your liaison scientist please check

  • Meetings. Information on meetings will be distributed on the webpage.