Informations and Services for guest scientists at GSI/FAIR

Welcome Office

A point of contact with information for scientific guests at the GSI campus is the Welcome Office (

Registering there before arrival at GSI helps preparing a number of issues in advance, and to reduce the time spent on formalities when entering the campus. This includes among others:

  • Invitations for visa
  • Entry permission to GSI/FAIR
  • Insurances

Further requirements will be forwarded to the respective department on the campus during the registration process.

Canteen Dinner Service NOT ONLY for Beam Time Users

Since March 2021 a new canteen service for beamtime users started: In addition to breakfast and lunch, which can be picked up during the regular opening hours, the canteen offers now a dinner service. You can order dishes for dinner, salads, and lunch bags. The dishes will be placed with your name tag in a special fridge located in the guest house, and can be picked up from 3 pm onwards. A microwave oven is provided. Please take care of all COVID related rules, especial in the guest house. Enjoy your dinner!

How to order and get your dinner:

  1. Check for available the daily dishes on:
  2. Enter you order in this pdf form by inserting the respective price for the requested dish
  3. Print your order form (you can also fill it by hand)
  4. Submit and pay your order at canteen checkout (opening hours: Mo-Fr 7:30 am - 2 pm)
  5. Pick up your dish, lunch bag, or salad in the guest house (special fridge) from 3 pm on the order day
  6. Microwave oven is available in the guest house

Lodging at GSI/FAIR

Find here information about the various possibilities to get accommodation at GSI/FAIR or nearby.

Guest Office: Lodging facilities of GSI

Information on hotels and flats

How to reach GSI/FAIR

To find detailed descriptions how to reach GSI/FAIR by car, plane or train, please click here: How to get to GSI/FAIR.

PhD students

The PhD-Student-Wiki offers information for PhD students at GSI/FAIR.