Tested Positv - during stay

In case a guest has/you have tested positive on corona:

  • Access to the campus will be denied and the guest must leave the premises, except when a room in the guest house has been booked.
  • Assure that the Local Contact Person,Task-Force-Health and the Welcome Office are informed.
  • The result needs confirmation by a PCR test. Test possibilities
  • As from April 29th, isolation is mandatory for 5 days only. After that AND if you are free of symptoms you can move as you like (no mandatory free-testing). We strongly advise to do a self-test before entering GSI / FAIR. https://www.hessen.de/handeln/corona-in-hessen/corona-rules-in-english
    In case questions occur, please contact the Task-Force-Health and/or Welcome Office.
  • During isolation the hosting department (Local Contact Person) will take care of the guest.
    • We see responsibility in assisting with:
      • Assuring the guest is aware of the current rules in place
      • Organising shopping
      • Organising transport
      • Locating medical services if needed.

Some Medical Services, bring and delivery services as well as supermarkets in the area are listed on this information leaflet.

If the guest stays in the Steinhaus:

  •  Guests need other accommodation (sharing of kitchen is no longer possible).
    Responsible: Local Contact Person (assisted by Welcome Office and Hosting Department)

If the guest stays in the guesthouse on campus:

External deliveries to campus are only possible if they are paid up front.
If that is the case:

  • Write an email to the gate (Pforte) to announce the time of delivery and the room you want it to be delivered to.
  • The gate personnel will guide the delivery service to the room. They knock on the door and leave.
  • Please wait a bit before opening the door and take the delivery from the doorstep.

From GSI’s canteen (Link to canteen):

  • a colleague is buying and delivering directly (possible during opening hours).
  • In addition to breakfast and lunch, which can be picked up during the regular opening hours, the canteen offers now a dinner service. You can order dishes for dinner, salads, and lunch bags. The dishes will be placed with your name tag in a special fridge located in the guest house, and can be picked up from 3 pm onwards. A microwave oven is provided. Please take care of all COVID related rules, especial in the guest house. Enjoy your dinner!

    How to order and get your dinner:

    • Check for available the daily dishes on: https://delightful.dussmann.com/menu/GSI/GSI
    • Enter you order in this pdf form by inserting the respective price for the requested dish
    • Print your order form (you can also fill it by hand)
    • Ask a colleague to submit and pay your order at canteen checkout (opening hours: Mo-Fr 7:30 am - 2 pm)
    • Ask a colleague to pick up your dish, lunch bag, or salad in the guest house (special fridge) from 3 pm on the order dayA
    • Ask a colleague to place the dish before your door in the guest house and knock  (and if needed, to heat up the dish before (microwave oven available in the guest house)
    • Clarify how to get arrange to return the used crockery