Beamtime Plan 2012 - updated 09/02/2012

KWMonthExp. No. or ActivitiesSpokespersonGSI ContactAreaShifts
1Jan.shut down
2Jan.Intern beamtime - shut down
3Jan.P034E. BrambrinkZ610
4Jan.P034E. BrambrinkZ610
5Feb.Hirschegg Meeting0
6Feb.P042 preparation / P042N. AndreevPLH4
7Feb.P042 / P045 preparationN. AndreevPLH6
8Feb.P045M. RothZ610
9MarchP045M. RothZ610
10MarchP061 preparation / P061B. EckerPLH4
11MarchP061B. EckerPLH10
12MarchP036 preparationM. RothZ60
13MarchP036M. RothZ610
14(4)AprilInternal Beamtime
15(4)AprilInternal BeamtimePLH0
16AprilP061 + P047B. Ecker/ D. RosPLH8
18MayP047D. Ros PLH6
19MayP029 Preparation / P029G. Gregory PLH4
20MayP029G. Gregory PLH6
21MayP029G. Gregory PLH10
22(4)MayInternal Beamtime (Z6 sensor upgrade)
23(4)JuneInternal Beamtime
24JuneNAHEL + Internal BeamtimePLH0
25JuneP054 PreparationT. CowanPLH0
26JuneP054T. CowanPLH10
27JulyU274 preparationM. RothZ60
28JulyU274M. RothZ610
39JulyInternal BeamtimeG. HoffmeisterF. WagnerXRL0
30JulyP043 PreparationM. RothPLH0
31Aug.P043M. RothPLH10
32Aug.P043 + P052M. RothPLH8
33Aug.U272 preparationO. RosmejZ60
34Aug.U272O. RosmejZ610
35Aug.U272O. RosmejZ610
36Sep.P059 PreparationF. HannachiZ60
37Sep.P059F. HannachiZ610
39Sep.U274M. RothZ64
40(4)Oct.U274M. RothZ66
41Oct.Internal beamtimeV. BagnoudPLH0
42Oct.P058F. BegP. NeumayerPLH5
43Oct.P058/P049F. Beg/P. NiP. NeumayerPLH10
45Nov.U274M. RothZ612
46Nov.Internal BeamtimePLH
47Nov.P064 preparationP. McKennaPLH2
48Nov.P064P. McKennaPLH10
49Dec.P064P. McKennaPLH10
50Dec.P064P. McKennaPLH8
51 Dec.Target Area Upgrade
total shifts:243

note: Weeks highlighted in green correspond to school vacation in Hessen
Z6: Z6 target area in the UNILAC experiment hall
PLH: PHELIX Laser Hall