Production Target

In the production target the primary beam is converted to fragment beams emerging from the target. Because of atomic and nuclear interaction up to 4 kW of beam power can be deposited inside the target.
This energy is distributed over a graphite wheel with steps for different target thickness. This is also important to mitigate the effect of radiation damage on the target material. The driving motor sits directly on the wheel's axis inside the vacuum chamber.

The target is mounted to a shielding plug which is inserted into the target vacuum chamber. On the same plug there is also a target ladder for strippers behind the target or more fixed targets.

The chamber also has four other slots: a collimator behind tha target and three detector ladders in front for beam diagnostics. The target chamber sits on a remote adjustable alignment platform and is embedded into iron shielding.


Partners: KVI-CART University of Groningen and GSI