GTB to VME Interface based on DSP

The SAM3 processor board is the further development of the SAM2 module, the centerpiece of the GSI Heavy Ion Therapy Control system. Main improvements are increased memory buffers to handle larger event sizes and the addition of a second processor to improve the processing power of the unit.

Two generic GTB device bus ports per board allow for future changes or additions. The SAM3 processor board (6U VME) is based on two Floating Point Digital Signal Processors TMS320C6711.

  • Two generic readout and control GTB interfaces per board.
  • Up to 100m distances and up to 20Mbytes/s transfer over each GTB.
  • VME interface 64-bit block transfer capable.
  • Two independent communication channels via DSP serial ports
  • Front panel Trigger bus provide the means to guarantee proper synchronization between modules.
  • Parallel processing of the data with two TMS320C6711 Floating Point
  • Digital Signal Processors with 100 MHz clock frequency.
  • Two 64K x 16bit Dual Port RAM for GTB interface.
  • Two 16 Mbytes SDRAM one for each DSP
  • Two 32K x 32bit Dual Port RAM for VME interface.
  • Four FPGAs can be easily reprogrammed for different tasks.
  • DSP programs can be easily loaded via VME interface.
  • Each DSP can be accessed from VME while DSP is running.
  • The DSPs are connected with serial links (max. 6MB/s).

DSP test over JTAG emulator.

  • AMUX