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Beamtime Plan 2012 - updated 09/02/2012

KWMonthExp. No. or ActivitiesSpokespersonGSI ContactAreaShifts
1Jan.shut down
2Jan.Intern beamtime - shut down
3 Jan.P034E. BrambrinkZ610
4Jan.P034E. BrambrinkZ610
5Feb.Hirschegg Meeting0
6Feb.P042 preparation / P042N. AndreevPLH4
7Feb.P042 / P045 preparationN. AndreevPLH6
8Feb.P045M. RothZ610
9MarchP045M. RothZ610
10 MarchP061 preparation / P061B. EckerPLH4
11MarchP061B. EckerPLH10
12MarchP036 preparationM. RothZ60
13MarchP036M. RothZ610
14(4)AprilInternal Beamtime
15(4)AprilInternal BeamtimePLH0
16AprilP061 + P047B. Ecker/ D. RosPLH8
18MayP047D. Ros PLH6
19MayP029 Preparation / P029G. Gregory PLH4
20MayP029G. Gregory PLH6
21MayP029G. Gregory PLH10
22(4)MayInternal Beamtime (Z6 sensor upgrade)
23(4)JuneInternal Beamtime
24JuneNAHEL + Internal BeamtimePLH0
25JuneP054 PreparationT. CowanPLH0
26JuneP054T. CowanPLH10
27JulyU274 preparationM. RothZ60
28JulyU274M. RothZ610
39 JulyInternal BeamtimeG. HoffmeisterF. WagnerXRL0
30 JulyP043 PreparationM. RothPLH0
31 Aug.P043M. RothPLH10
32 Aug.P043 + P052M. RothPLH8
33 Aug.U272 preparationO. RosmejZ60
34 Aug.U272O. RosmejZ610
35 Aug.U272O. RosmejZ610
36 Sep.P059 PreparationF. HannachiZ60
37 Sep.P059F. HannachiZ610
39Sep.U274M. RothZ64
40(4)Oct.U274M. RothZ66
41 Oct.Internal beamtimeV. BagnoudPLH0
42 Oct.P058F. BegP. NeumayerPLH5
43 Oct.P058/P049F. Beg/P. NiP. NeumayerPLH10
45 Nov.U274M. RothZ612
46 Nov.Internal BeamtimePLH
47 Nov.P064 preparationP. McKennaPLH2
48 Nov.P064P. McKennaPLH10
49 Dec.P064P. McKennaPLH10
50 Dec.P064P. McKennaPLH8
51 Dec.Target Area Upgrade
total shifts:243

note: Weeks highlighted in green correspond to school vacation in Hessen
Z6: Z6 target area in the UNILAC experiment hall
PLH: PHELIX Laser Hall