Chronological list of publications of Plasma Physics department & PHELIX:

Publications PP in 1999

  1. M. Geissel et al.
    Energy Deposition of Heavy Ions in Matter
    International Journal of Thermophysics 20(4), pp. 1325-1330, 1999

  2. U. Neuner et al.
    Intense Heavy ion Beams as a Tool to Produce and Analyze Dense Plasmas
    Contributions to Plasma Physics, 39/1-2 (1999), pp. 49-52

  3. F.B. Rosmej et al.
    Observation of MeV ions in long-pulse, large-scale laser-produced plasmas
    JETP-Letters 70(4), 1999

  4. F.B. Rosmej et al.
    Radiation from Autoionising Levels Correlated with Single Excited States of Highly Charged Ions in Dense Cold Plasmas
    Physica Scripta T80, pp. 547-549, 1999

  5. M. Roth et al.
    Heavy Ion Interaction Experiments with Plasmas
    Physica Scripta T80, pp. 40-42, 1999

  6. N.A. Tahir et al.
    Heavy-ion-beam-induced hydrodynamic effects in solid targets
    Physical Review E 60(4), pp. 4715-4724, 1999