At the 16th SPARC Topical Workshop 2019
Fabian Heiße (on right)
MPIK Heidelberg, Germany
was awarded with the SPARC PhD Prize 2019









Congratulation to Fabian!!! on behalf of the whole SPARC Collaboration
the clear winner of the award is Fabian Heiße from the Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics at Heidelberg, Germany for his outstanding work at the LIONTRAP (Light Ion Trap) experiment, which focuses on high-precision mass measurements on light ions. Fabian Heiße has measured the proton mass, a fundamental constant in physics, compared to the carbon mass (C6+) with an unprecedented accuracy of 32 parts per trillion. One important future application of his experimental developments are determinations of atomic binding energies of heavy highly charged ions by measurements of the cyclotron frequencies of single ions of one element in different charge states such as highly-charged uranium which is a central topic of the physics program of the SPARC Collaboration.

José Paulo Santos, Reinhold Schuch, Thomas Stöhlker, Andrey Surzhykov