Mobile Massage (MoMa)

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  • 11 July 2024


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Mobile Massage treat yourself to 20 minutes time out

Treat yourself to some time out and recharge your batteries with a mobile massage. The mobile massage not only feels extremely good, it gets your body going again, mind & soul in harmony and increases your well-being.

Massage, mindfulness, conversation, breath, energy balancing - these are the five pillars of TouchLife® massage. Whether calm and gentle or pressure-filled and dynamic. As a certified TouchLife® practitioner, Yvonne Woerner uses very special massage grips and techniques. She tailors each treatment to your individual needs and activates your body's own resources.


This is how mobile massage can help you:

  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • Loosened muscles
  • Loosened blockages
  • Increased performance
  • Less stress hormones
  • More vitality
  • More concentration
  • New creativity

From making the appointment to taking the appointment



  • You can book your appointment here.
  • You can also book several appointments on one day (double appointments). If this does not work because of the system, please contact moma(at)
    If you can no longer book a free appointment, please contact moma(at) We will then put you on the waiting list and inform you when an appointment is available.
  • You can cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before the appointment takes place. You will find the cancellation link in the e-mail confirming the reserved appointment.
  • After that, please contact moma(at) to cancel your appointment at short notice.
  • If you cancel your appointment at short notice (less than 24h before) or do not show up, you will be charged for the appointment at a cost of €24.

How the appointment is carried out

  • An appointment lasts 20 minutes and costs €24.
  • Please bring the cost of €24 in cash with you to your massage appointment.
  • Please bring a small towel with you.
  • At your first appointment, please complete the privacy policy and bring it with you.

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