We have about 40 bikes on campus that can be used by guests during short term stays (or for guests staying for a longer period, to bridge the time to get a bike on their own)

To rent a bike:

  1. Ask the welcome-office if there is a bike available. In your email please mention:

    • Name

    • Period

    • and if you want to be waitlisted in case there is no bike available
      If yes, please state a telephone  number as well

  2. If there is a bike available, please come to the Welcome Office during opening hours and bring:

    • 50 Euro Deposit

    • Proof of a liability insurance. To rent a bike you need a valid liability insurance covering Germany. In case you do not have such a insurance and you are coming from abroad you can take this insurance with the GSI Group Insurance. More details here.

  3. In the Welcome Office you will receive a personalized rental form to sign, the deposit will be guarded until you have returned the bike and accessories.

  4. You can get your bike (helmet, lock and safety jacket) at the (re)cycle center on working days between 13:00-13:30. You will have to show the rental form (signed by you and countersigned by the Welcome Office)

  5. After the rental period, please return your bike between 13:00-13:30 (re)cycle center.

  6. If your bike is still in good shape and you have brought back the helmet, lock and safety jacket as well the concierges will sign the form accordingly.

  7. Come to the welcome office to get your deposit back.

    • heavily damaged or no helmet -35 Euro

    • heavily damaged or no lock -10 Euro

    • heavily damaged or no safety jacket -7 Euro

Further Information

  • The rental period is limited to 3 months max.

  • The GSI liability insurance covers damages of third partys. Damage to or loss of the bike, helmet, lock and jacket is not covered by this insurance.

  • If your bike needs maintenance, please go and see the concierges on working days between 13:00-13:30.

  • For minor issues: There is a bicycle repair station at the gate. This station is equipped with the most common tools to repair your bike and an air pump for all types of valves. Your bike can be hung up there so that you can do the repair comfortably. If you ever have a flat tire, you can get a repair kit from the gate staff.

  • Flyer_ rules in traffic (for biker)