We have about 50 bikes on campus that can be used by guests. The inital rental time can exceed 3 months. Depending on your circumstances and availability we might be able to agree on a different time frame once these 3 months came to an end.exceed 3 months. Depending on your circumstances and availability we might be able to agree on a different time frame once these 3 months came to an end.

To rent a bike:

  1. Contact the welcome-office by phone, email or in person, to check availability. Please mention:

    • full name

    • a good email address

    • desired rental period

      In the rare event that no bikes are available, we are certainly able to add you to a waitinglist. In this case we will contact you as soon as we have a bike available for you

  2. To rent a bike you need to come to the Welcome Office. We suggest to do so between 9 am and 12:30 pm, since the pickup times for the bikes are only between 1 pm and 1:30 pm. You will have to bring:

    • a 50 Euro cash Deposit

    • Proof of a liability insurance which is valid in Germany. In case you do not have such an insurance, you can apply for it using the GSI Group Insurance. More details here.

  3. At the Welcome Office you will receive a personalized rental agreement, which you have to sign. Your deposit will be guarded until you have returned the bike and all accompanying accessories in good order.The deposit is subject to be withheld if parts are missing or heavily damaged.

  4. You can then pick up your bike and safety accessories (helmet, lock and safety vest) at the (re)cycle center , monday through friday between 1 and 1:30pm. You will have to show the rental agreement which is also used for the pickup check of the bike.

  5. At the last day of your rental period, please return your bike between 1 and 1:30pm to the (re)cycle center. There the bike will go through the post rental checkup where the maintenance staff will document the damages and/or missing items if any occurred.

  6. If your bike and all accessories are in good shape, the maintenance staff will sign the rental agreement accordingly.

  7. Then you come to the welcome office to collect the applicable refund of your deposit.

            The amounts to be withheld  for damage or loss are listed on your rental agreement.

Further Information

  • The initial rental period is limited to 3 months (might be extended depending on overall circumstances)

  • The GSI liability insurance covers damages of third parties. Damage to, or loss of the bike and/or its accessories are not covered by this insurance.

  • If your bike needs maintenance, please go and see the maintenance staff monday through friday between 1 and 1:30pm.

  • For minor repair needs: There are bicycle repair stations at the main gate and throughout the GSI campus. These stations are equipped with the most common tools and a pump to repair your bike and fill air for all types of valves. To fix holes in your tire, you can request a repair kit from the gate staff.

  • Flyer_ rules in traffic (for biker)