HAFIS - Helmholtz Academy for Intrapreneurship

Project-based learning instead of concentrated educational programs is the focus of the Academy. Along a self-designed transfer project, researchers are taught the skills they need to identify transfer potential and to implement it. The Academy builds on the research results already achieved, existing skills and existing interests of the participants and supports them in the development and implementation of a suitable project idea with practical relevance. Therefore, HAFIS keeps the spectrum of transfer formats open. Potentials can range from knowledge and technology transfer to start-ups. The participants are accompanied by coaches and experts. Consequently, they gain competencies and qualify for their own careers.

All further information about the Academy can be found on the official HAFIS website: hafis.info


The Academy is the perfect opportunity for all GSI & FAIR researchers who not only see a scientific added value in their research, but are also open to new methods and competencies and want to make a concrete contribution to society.