Technology overview

GSI/FAIR Digital Open Lab

The Digital Open Lab provides the environment for the development, testing and upscaling of energy-efficient high-performance computing to the scale of industrial demonstrators.

In this real lab, computer and storage systems can be optimally matched to an efficient cooling system with the respective application-specific requirements for performance capabilities, temporal load distribution and the like, and in various operating modes and system configurations. For more info click .

Innovations, products and services



*Attention: Documents only available in german.




Products and Services



GSI as Institute for basic research creates final products (like electronic moduls or radiation dosimeter), technologies and machinery (membrane production or electroplating plant) for handle our own experiments. Many of those developments are also interesting for other applications.



Bellow you can find examples of innovations, which are currently available as service or licensing. (Please take note: GSI has no possibility to take on mass production!). If you don’t find the solution you are looking for, please contact us, because still not all options we have are offered here. Maybe GSI can help you with their experience and accumulated knowledge.