OpenTransfer – Strategies for the transfer or research results in the context of Open Science

Within the framework of the OpenTransfer project, new methods for the improved transfer of knowledge and technologies in the context of Open Science will be developed and tested in pilot projects:

  • Strategies and business models for transfer
  • Tools for concrete and easy support of transfer processes
  • Development and implementation of organizational structures and processes for Open Transfer in research institutions

The transfer involves the utilization of research findings outside of the academic realm. This can include commercial exploitation, complete free availability, or hybrid approaches where different or no reciprocation is required depending on the purpose and nature of the utilization.

Duration: October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2025

Open Science

"Open Science" refers to an approach in science that emphasizes openness, transparency, and collaboration. It involves making scientific research findings, data, methods, and other resources freely accessible to enable broader exchange and increased collaboration. Open Science encompasses principles such as open access to scientific literature, open data, open research processes, resource sharing, and involving the public in scientific discourse. The goal of Open Science is to enhance reproducibility, quality, and effectiveness of research and to promote progress in science and society.

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Business Models

In the context of Open Science, various business models aim at supporting openness and free access to scientific knowledge. Potential business models related to Open Science include:

  • Funding and public financing: Research projects in the field of Open Science can be funded through grants from governments, foundations, or other organizations to support the development and implementation of Open Science practices.
  • Data and service models: Institutions or research groups can offer data or specific services related to Open Science and provide them for a fee or through subscriptions.
  • Crowdfunding: Researchers can gather financial support for their work through crowdfunding platforms to enable the implementation of Open Science practices.

These business models aim to ensure that the benefits of Open Science can be sustained and funded in the long term. They contribute to promoting collaboration, knowledge transfer, and innovation in science.

Exploratory Project "SOS Transfer"

The exploratory project "SOS Transfer" investigated the potential impacts of Open Science strategies on knowledge and technology transfer from 2021 to 2022. Solution approaches were identified and developed to enable successful knowledge and technology transfer within the framework of Open Science.

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