Competence instead of Technology - methods for commercialisation of technological competences from big science


Innovation and excellence are central values in order to meet the extreme and complex requirements of the GSI accelerator facility and the realization of the FAIR facility. Our pioneering technologies meet the highest standards and offer solutions to complex technological challenges, not only in science, but also in industry and society.

GSI not only has unique technologies, but also outstanding competencies in various technology areas. Our experts have the know-how and experience to develop and implement innovative solutions.

As part of the "Competence instead of Technology" funding project, procedures are to be developed and tested in order to market GSI competencies directly, early and openly. The project is divided into two main areas:

1. Identifying industrial needs & partners: the quick and efficient identification of industrial needs and suitable partners from industry and R&D for GSI competencies


2. Bringing science & industry together: the determination of optimal combinations of GSI competence offers and industrial solution demand in order to jointly generate promising R&D projects.

The aim of the project is to establish systematic processes and procedures for this at GSI and thus to expand and strengthen its own technology transfer in the medium term with the discipline of competence transfer.

In this project, competence is understood as the ability to analyze (customer)-specific problems in your defined subject area and to find suitable solutions with the people at GSI and the respective department, their personal skills and the existing technical equipment.

In the past, the focus of GSI transfer activities was on the commercialisation of technologies, in the form of technical know-how and inventions. However, this only covers part of the technological potential of GSI as a research facility. A great potential for the contribution of GSI to the social benefit lies in particular in the various competences of the different technical areas from research and technical operation. Through targeted marketing of these competencies, targeted search for partners and transfer into concrete R&D projects, GSI can make a decisive contribution to further advancing industrial and social progress.

By marketing technological competencies instead of individual technologies, the economic benefit of GSI's research activities should be increased. This is based on the following assumptions:

  • By presenting fields of competence, the technological potential at the GSI can be accessed more quickly and easily for industrial partners.
  • A more precise coordination of our options with industrial needs in advance avoids unsuccessful transfer projects

Competences from areas can also be marketed whose technologies are perceived by the industry as too complex or not suitable for industrial issues.

Funding reference: 01IO2203
Innovation orientation in research