Waste disposal


Are you cleaning out your office, or moving and want to take this opportunity to clean out?

Please give some thought to what type of trash will be generated.


Below are the disposal options that are available and can be ordered:


  • Waste paper
  • Documents that must be disposed of in compliance with data protection regulations
  • Residual waste
  • Electrical waste
  • Metal
  • Cables


We supply you with the appropriate bins/containers. You are also welcome to share them with your office neighbor and have them emptied in between when they are full.

You can order containers here:

Containers for disposal


You can order data protection garbage cans at: : zentrale-dienste(at)gsi.de


You have already collected waste and would like your bins to be emptied?

You can order emptying by mail at:  zentrale-dienste(at)gsi.de


Note on fire protection: According to our fire protection concept, no bins/containers or types of waste may be temporarily stored in the corridors. The bins/containers must be located in an office. 

Disposal of larger quantities in halls/workshops/labs, etc.

Please make an appointment in advance with Central Services in order to be able to plan your disposal project in the best possible way. It is also possible to have a container delivered in the immediate vicinity.


All waste must be clearly identifiable, therefore the form:

Declaration of waste producer  must be filled out and signed and attached to the waste to be disposed of.


Requests for appointments can be sent by mail:  zentrale-dienste(at)gsi.de


Here you can find the GSI waste regulations: GSI waste regulations


Thank you

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