The canteen is located on the ground floor of the new office and canteen building, and is open from Monday to Friday.

For almost all students, food stamps for a discounted meal are available in the guest office upon presentation of the student ID.


Opening dining room 28.06.2021

On Monday, 28.06.2021, we will open our dining room for company employees. In accordance with the law, the following rules must be observed:

- the existing seating arrangement must not be changed 

- observance of hygiene rules (disinfect hands, wear a face mask, keep a distance of 1.5 m)

- only GSI and FAIR employees are allowed to stay in the dining room

Persons from outside companies will still receive meals to go and have the possibility to take a seat in the outside area.

Opening hours

Opening hours:

Canteen: Mon. - Fri: 7.30 am  - 1.30 pm

Cafeteria: Mon - Thur: 10 am - 4 pm and Friday from 10 am - 3 pm

Takeaway food without packaging waste

As of June 14, 2021, Dussmann will be offering a reusable ToGo system. If you have any questions, please contact the Dussmann team.

Link App:

Link App:


The current menus can be found here:

You can access the current week's menu in German and English directly via the following link:: Delightful Dussmann current menu (confirm with ok at the bottom right and change

language to english at the top)

Or you can use the smartphone app "Dussmann Delightful". You can find these in your app store.

To access the menus, please use the PIN: 12739

For more information on the app, please visit Delightful Dussmann App

A list of allergens is available in the cafeteria.


Dear GSI/FAIR employees,

It is our pleasure to inform you about a new canteen service: In addition to breakfast and lunch which can be picked up during the opening hours, the canteen offers now a dinner service. You can order dishes for dinner, salads, and lunch bags via a pdf pre-order form. Orders need to be taken minimum one day in advanced. If you wish to place an order for the same date, please contact the canteen team concerning available dishes. The dishes will be packed on a tray with your name tag and cooled in a separate fridge located in the guest house. The dish can be picked up from 3pm on and a microwave oven is provided. Please take care of all COVID related rules, especial in the guest house. Enjoy your dinner!

  1. Check the daily dishes on
  2. Get the order form here:  order
  3. Enter you order min. one day in advanced in the pdf form by inserting the respective price for each dish
  4. Print your order form (you can also fill it by hand)
  5. Submit and pay your order at canteen checkout (opening hours: Mo-Fr 7:30am-13:30pm)
  6. Pick up your dish, lunch bag, or salat in the guest house (special fridge) from 3pm on the order day
  7. Microwave oven is available in the guest house

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact the canteen team.


This link will take you directly to the food order for Borsigstraße:

Food ordering Borsigstraße


Please contact the canteen via kantine(at) or by telephone at


  • Canteen Operations Manager, Konrad Heuer    3800

Sie können diese sehr gefragte Webseite auch ganz einfach über die Adresse aufrufen und auf diese Weise auch dann noch erreichen, wenn sie umgezogen sein sollte.