Parking Management

The parking garage offers a total of 814 parking spaces. Only vehicles up to 2.8 t and a total height of max. 2.10 m may be parked. An exception is level 9, where the clearance height is only 2.0 m in places (see signage). Cars with trailers are not allowed to enter. Further relevant information can be found in the parking garage regulations.

When using the parking garage, the parking garage regulations must be observed, which are accepted when entering the parking garage (see parking garage regulations below).

There is a separate procedure for handicapped persons (information below), as well as for external companies.

Access to the parking garage is possible with a valid GSI ID card (employee ID card, guest ID card, external company ID card). The ID card only opens the barrier and does not yet log you in. This is only done at the access terminals at the parking garage, KBW or the gate. The exit barrier is opened automatically. The areas of the entry and exit barriers and the turnstile are video-monitored.

On the entire 1st level of the parking garage there are only parking spaces that are assigned to groups of people.

Directly behind the entrance on the left and before the entrance barrier, there are parking spaces for guests/experimenters and motorcycle parking spaces on the right. Behind the entrance barrier, the parking spaces are assigned to the following persons:

  1. Women's parking - for female employees who either have to arrive very early or leave very late
  2. Parent-child parking - for employees who have to bring their child to work
  3. Parking for the deaf - parking spaces equipped with visual alarms
  4. Reservation - for special parking requirements
  5. Company vehicles - GSI-owned vehicles and other company vehicles 
  6. Shift+On-Call - for shift participants and on-call service
  7. Barrier-free parking spaces - for people with walking disabilities, direct parking near the barrier-free access to the factory premises
  8. Medical Service

All other employees will find free parking spaces on the 2nd level and above.

Information on parking space allocation in the parking garage and the outside parking spaces is available under “Overview of parking spaces in the parking garage”.

The parking garage is equipped with emergency telephones on each floor, which are located to the east of the elevators and are connected to the gate. Automatic and manual fire alarm systems are integrated in the parking garage. In the event of an alarm, the parking garage must be exited immediately along the escape route signs. The assembly point is the assembly point between the parking garage and the KBW.

We will report separately on the parking lots with the e-charging stations as soon as we have final information.

We will report separately on the parking lots with the e-charging stations as soon as we have final information.

If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, you can contact us at zentrale-dienste(at)

Parking garage regulations and routing

Here please find Parking garage regulations

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Routing in the parking garage


Designated visitor parking spaces are located in front of the barrier in the parking garage and in the parking lot between the parking garage and the gate. These parking spaces are freely available to visitors.


There are 17 commuter parking spaces in the parking area between the parking garage and the gate, which are freely available to commuters from Borsigstraße, IT, Heckbüro etc.

External companies

External companies must be registered in advance in writing at the gate. For this purpose, the gate requires the following information:

Date and time of arrival, name of company, name of persons, reason for work, contact person and representative at GSI.

In addition, if access to the campus is required to perform the work at this day, the gate must also be informed of the number of vehicles.

ZDI requests that you be aware that failure to comply may result in delays in entering the campus or even rejection of the outside contractor.

Private vehicles may not be parked on the premises. Sufficient parking spaces for outside companies are available between the gate and the parking garage.

Late shift / on-call service

There are reserved parking spaces for the late shift/on-call service on level 1 in the parking garage.


Motorcycles may only be parked in the designated parking spaces. These are located in the parking garage in front of the entrance barrier on the right and next to the gate.

Process for handicapped people

Overview campus parking lots

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