The department Beam Cooling (BCO)

It is responsible for

  1. Operation, maintenance and development of the 4 existing beam cooling devices in connection with other technical departments and experimental users. Adjusting and optimization of the beam cooling devises according to accelerator and user demands.
  2. The CR stochastic cooling system ( PSP 2.5.10) within the FAIR project with all working steps from design, development, procurement up to commissioning.
  3. Operation of all future FAIR beam cooling systems, including CR and HESR systems
  4. Building up and secure expertise for these cooling systems

Department Head (interim)

Jon Roßbach

Tel: +49-6159-71-3102

Mobil (GSI): 55 3102

PSA: 1021

Ort:  BR1 3.002


PD Dr. Chuan Zhang

Tel: +49-6159-71-1996

Ort:  BR1.2.141

The BCO department is divided in two sections:

First section:

SCO Scope of Work:

The Stochastic Cooling Group (SCO) is working on beam physics and RF technology for stochastic cooling. It is intensively involved in the R & D of a new stochastic cooling system (1-2 GHz) for the Collector Ring of the FAIR project. At the same time, it is supporting the operation of the stochastic cooling system at ESR of the existing GSI facility.


SCO Group Members:

Axel Bardonner

Eduard Boos

Michael Bräscher

Dr. Claudius Peschke

Stefan Wunderlich

PD Dr. Chuan Zhang (Group Leader)

Second section:

The electron cooling group (ECO) is working on the operation, maintenance and development of the electron cooling devices located at SIS18, ESR and CRYRING.

Including further software development for controlling the cooling devices.

Analyzing, and simulation of data and conducting of machine experiments for optimization  of the facilities, publication of relevant results.


ECO Group Members:

Regina Heß

Michael Kelnhofer

Claude Krantz

Reiner Menges

Jon Roßbach (Group Leader)