Welcome to the UNILAC Post Stripper Upgrade (PSU) Department

In July 2019 the LINAC department has been renamed to "UNILAC post-Stripper Upgrade" department. This step has been triggered by the council decision to replace the existing post-stripper drift tube linac (DTL), being operational since the mid 1970ies, by a completely new section. Replacing the DTL section thus became a top priority task and focus of the department, now being reflected properly through its name.

The post-stripper DTL provides acceleration of the ions after they have been stripped in the gaseous stripper. The DTL is 55 meters long and comprises five accelerating cavities, each of them having a diameter of about two meters and consuming up to two Megawatt of radio-frequency power. Acceleration is from 5% to 15% of the velocity of light. The new DTL will be based (as the today's one) on cavities of the Alvarez-type in order to provide the high beam quality required by FAIR. The name of the new DTL is ALVAREZ 2.0.

Department Head

Dr. Lars Groening

Email: La.Groening(at)gsi.de
Tel: 06159-71-2344
Loc: BR1.2.138

Department Head (Deputy)

Dr. Sascha Mickat

Email: S.Mickat.(at)gsi.de
Tel: 06159-71-1600
Loc: BR1.2.137


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Fabrication of longest quadrupole prototype (yoke) at SCANDITRONIX

Delivery of cavity sections AI-1 + 3 and of the end plates