Information for PHELIX Users

Application Procedure for PHELIX Beamtime

Proposals for beamtime with PHELIX laser and/or ion beam are evaluated by the PHELIX and Plasmaphysics Program Advisory Committee (PPAC) (former PHELIX Committee), consisting of external members. For more details on the composition of the committee see the website PPAC.

Applications for beamtime: For the application a webform has to be completed including the uploaded description of the scientific justification and a technical description. For the webform see: Proposal-Webform.

Applications from Institutes of EU-Member States:Additionally to the above described procedure applications from institutes in EU countries for PHELIX beamtime can apply for funding through Laserlab Europe.

Performance of PHELIX

PHELIX is available for experiments in the PHELIX hall and at the Z6 target station of the UNILAC heavy-ion accelerator, where pulses of laser beam can be delivered, synchronized with heavy-ion pulses.

For more information on PHELIX performance please consult the GSI webpage PHELIX.