Structure for Proposals submitted via GATE to G-PAC

Please write your proposal along the lines of the below outline, i.e. 6 pages max. including one title page and one references page. Please focus on a clear and brief motivation and presentation of the proposed experiment that helps the referees with their understanding and evaluation of the presented material. Please make sure that your proposed experiment is technically feasible at the intended experiment site by discussing it with the corresponding link scientist well before submission.   Proposals that are not prepared according to these guidelines are at risk of being rejected on formal grounds.

The proposal text is to be uploaded as PDF-file during the proposal submission via GATE under "General proposal data" as so-called "Scientific case and results expected".


  1. Title page with title, spokesperson, authors / participants, abstract and formal information (collaboration etc.)

  2. Brief introduction to the topic (max 1 page text + figure), including
    • Scientific question, context and motivation (referring to "state of the art”)
    • (if existing, include what has been done and learned from conducted experiments by the team or parts of the team in previous beam time; in case of previously B rated proposal: what has been modified, and in case of previously A minus-rated proposals: what has been done since)
  3. Idea of proposed experiment (max 1 page text + figure)
    • What is the approach to address the science question/problem?
    • Expected results, accuracy, with prediction by theory/simulation/signal estimates
    • Impact and relevance to the field
  4. Experiment design / methods (max 1 page text + figure)
    • Schematic view of setup
    • Technical requirements (beam, target, detector parameters, …)
    • Proposed work plan
  5. Justification of beamtime request (max 1 page text + figure/table)
    • state and explain how you arrive at your requested number of shifts, e.g. by referring to your work plan
    • indicate whether your experiment is ready to run or in which year of the beamtime period relevant for this call it could be scheduled
  6. References (max 1 page)
    • general publications related to the science question and "state of the art"
    • underline: publications of the spokesperson related to this proposal
    • in boldface: all published, submitted, or in-preparation publications on previous relevant experiment beamtime on a similar topic by spokesperson or otherwise