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The unique capability of slowing down highly charged ions nearly to rest allows their capture into charged particle traps such as Penning traps and their subsequent storage for long times. At HITRAP, a number of trap-assisted precision experiments with highly charged ions is under construction. These focus on measurements of magnetic moments of bound electrons and atomic nuclei as well as on spectroscopic mesurements of forbidden transitions and on mass measurements all at the highest precisions.


  • ARTEMIS: magnetic moments in highly charged ions (g-factors)
  • SPECTRAP: laser spectroscopy with highly charged ions 
  • HILITE: atoms and ions in extreme laser fields


Open positions for bachelor, master and PhD students

Duration: up to 3 years

Start: as soon as possible


Please contact for further information:

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Wolfgang Quint

GSI and University of Heidelberg

ph. +49-6159-712141

email w.quint(at)gsi.de