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Every year about 1,200 scientists from all over the world come to GSI to conduct experiments at the accelerator facility. Many of them are students and PhD candidates. For them GSI offers special programs.

International Summer Student Program

The International Summer Student Program is designed for students of physics or related subjects who are close to completing their degrees. They spend eight weeks at GSI and conduct their own scientific projects. This way they participate in scientists’ everyday lives and get ideas in which specific field to graduate.

Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research (HGS-HIRe)

The graduate school HGS-HIRe is point of first contact and coordination for about 300 PhD candidates. HGS-HIRe guarantees excellent scientific education at the unique research facilities GSI and FAIR. At HGS-HIRe the competences of all participating universities are combined for the PhD candidates’ training. Additionally HGS-HIRe offers vocational preparation that goes beyond the scientific education.

GET_INvolved Program

The FAIR and GSI Management has initiated GET_INvolved program to provide International students and early stage researchers with opportunities to perform Internships or Traineeships and early research experience in order to get involved in the Project while receiving scientific and technical training.

This initiative is intended to:


  • Offer an opportunity to the young students and early stage researchers to be part of the International Project FAIR by performing – Internships, Traineeships, Master thesis anddissertation within the project.
  • Creating synergies between collaborating Universities and advance technical institutes in shareholder countries by allowing – mobility opportunities of students and researchers and contribute to the project in research and development.
  • Building capacities for the research groups which are already collaborating to allow mobility of early stage and Postdoctoral researchers to be more effective within the framework of the project.

Who can participate?

  1. Traineeships and Internships: Students who are in their advanced bachelor's or master's education (including science, technology) from Universities and technical institutes can avail the Traineeship program and Intenship program
    • Internship: Students performing obligatory project work which is part of their university/institutes curriculum will beeligible for the Internship program.
    • Traineeship: Students who wishes to get trained in a specific topic and are willing to perform project work which is not part of their univresity/institues curriculum will be elilgible for the Traineeship program.
  2. Overseas Research experience:
    • Overseas Doctoral experience/Sandwich PhD: Early stage researchers who are currently enrolled in an University for their doctoral research work and have not finished are eligible to submit interests to perform a overseas doctoral experience.
    • Overseas Postdoctoral experience: Experienced researchers either working or employed at one of our collaborating institutes and/or Universities can request for the projects for an overseas postdoctoral research experience.

Topics available

Professional training and mentorship is avaible for a broad range of topics e.g. Biophysics, material research (incl. NANO), high-performance computing, radiation therapy and protection, accelerator technology, superconducting magnets, atomic physics, plasma physics, nuclear physics and chemistry are offered. The projects are subject to availability.

How can you participate?

  • If you are a student: Please send your CV with your field of interests along with your recent trancripts to the Program Coordinator (address below). If you are from India, Azerbaijan, China, India, Poland, Mexico, Romania, Thailand or Turkey, please have alook at the existing opportunties for you in section below.
  • If you are a Technical Institute/ University: Represenatiative of Institutes or Universities willing to collaborate to pusue a joint agreemnt for a dedicated student internahsip or traineeprogram are requested to send us their expression of interests (EoIs) with their institutes profile.

Existing programs

This section only list dedicated institutional programs under the GET_Involved Program which are based on either a bilateral/multilateral agreement between FAIR/GSI and the Institute/University or a special agreement for fellowships from a partner country.

  1. GET_INvolved Azerbaijan: FAIR/GSI - ANAS (Baku) Call for 2017/2018 yet to be annouced.
  2. GET_INvolved China: HGF-GSI/FAIR-OCPC, China - Call for 2018 to be announced in Jan 2018.
  3. GET_INvolved Mexico: Call for FAIR/GSI Cinestav, Mexico 2018 to be announced soon.
  4. GET_INvolved Thailand: Call for FAIR/GSI - SUT, Thailand - Internship program 2017 ongoing. Contact us for more information.

Contact us

Contact us for more information about GET_INvolved via email International(at)fair-center.eu and International(at)gsi.de or vist us at our Office .

Program Coordinator
Dr. Pradeep Ghosh

e: Pradeep.Ghosh(at)fair-center.eu
t: +49-6159-71 3257; f: +49-6159-71 3916
Room: BK1. 4.033
Postal address: International Office and Student Programs 
Planckstrasse 1 D-64291 Darmstadt Germany


Students who have to do an internship according to their examination rules can apply at GSI. Internships are possibly in the following areas: engineering mechanics, electronic engineering, technical drawing, administration, technology, IT, research. More details on the application procedure here (German).