Group Safety and Waste Management (SWM)

Welcome to the intranet site of the Safety and Waste Management Group (SWM).

On the following sub-pages you will find everything you need to know about safety-related topics.

On the pages of the Safety Engineer you will find further information on safety-relevant topics, including the central tool in occupational safety: the risk assessment (GBU).



Waste, Hazardous Goods & Water Protection Officer

  • Water and Soil Protection Alarm Plan
  • Waste oil and cooling lubricant disposal

Contact: a.niermeyer(at)


  • Workshops and lectures on health topics
  • Information on health topics (stress, mindfulness, sleep, etc.)
  • Company medical service
  • Mobile Massage

Contact:  bgm(at)


  • Work permit for hot work (F18)
  • Fire detector shutdowns
  • Escape and emergency routes
  • Assembly points in case of alarm

Contact:  brandschutz(at)



First aid in the company

  • What to do in an emergency situation
  • First aid measures
  • First Aiders
  • Company paramedics

Contact:  erstehilfe(at)


Hazardous substances management

  • Documentation on the handling of hazardous substances (hazardous substances register, risk assessment, operating instructions)
  • Disposal of hazardous substances
  • Storage of hazardous substances (incl. gas cylinder storage)

Contact: gefahrstoffbeauftragter(at)


  • Planning and carrying out periodic inspections
  • Safety assessment of work equipmentn
  • Organisation and implementation of instructions, such as crane operator, driver and operator of industrial trucks

Contact: pruefungen-swm(at)


Management of radioactive waste

  • Waste from control areas
  • Items from control areas

Handling of radioactive substances

  • Handling of radioactive sources
  • Dispatch and transport of radioactive materials



Persons responsible for GSI & FAIR

  • Nominated Person in Control of an Electrical Installation
  • Hall coordinators
  • Safety Responsible

Contact:  v.porwol(at)


Waste, Hazardous Goods & Water Protection Officer (Contact: a.niermeyer(at)
  • Water and Soil Protection Alarm Plan (Alarm plan for the leakage of unknown or hazardous liquids)
Occupational health management (Contact: bgm(at)
Fire protection (Contact: brandschutz(at)
First aid in the company (Contact: erstehilfe(at)
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation with the Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • First aid overview
Hazardous substance management (Contact: gefahrstoffbeauftragter(at)
  • Collection Slip for gas cylinders
  • Disposal form for chemicals
  • Guide for the safe provision and storage of transportable pressurized gas containers at GSI
Inspection of installations and work equipment (Contact: pruefungen-swm(at)
  • Driving assignment for industrial trucks (assignment for drivers of industrial trucks in internal plant traffic in accordance with §7 DGUV Regulation 68)
  • Driving assignment cranes (assignment to drive cranes on the factory premises according to §29 DGUV regulation 52)
  • Work instruction wall penetrations
Management of radioactive waste
  • Consignment note (necessary for the delivery of radioactive residues)
  • Instructions (completion aid for the consignment note)
Handling of radioactive substances
  • Radioactive source sign (for marking experimental set-ups with radioactive source)
Persons responsible for GSI & FAIR (Contact: v.porwol(at)
  • Lists of persons responsible for GSI & FAIR