Working in controlled areas outside GSI

When you work in controlled areas outside GSI you usually need a dose report with the information of the date of the last medical examination. Or the radiation proection group of the institute asks you to give a form to be filled out by the radiation protection group of GSI. The form below gives you the opportunity to let us know that you will have an experiment outside GSI and that you need a dose report and/or a form filled out by the dosimetry group of GSI.

If you have questions or any comments, please write an email to Frau Dr. Knapp.

Working outside GSI

Please fill out the following form. Mandatory fields are marked with a star *.
Please inform us, when and where you have an experiment outside GSI.

You will find the information on data protection under the following link:

Will other persons from GSI participate in the experiment? If yes, please write down the name of persons; please add the beginning and end of business trip behind each name.
If you need a dose report or the special form signed by radiation protection for your work or the access to controlled areas in the external institute, you have here the opportunity to tell us what you need.
Upload of the form/template you need filled out and signed by the radiation protection.